📎 Hello Everyone! As of November 6, 2020, I as the maintainer & main developer of project, has decided to rewrite this project & start from scratch, because current version of app has few issues in its core & code is less managable. Newer version of app (i.e. v3.0.0) will be a completely new app, with a lot more new features & control over your music. The project is alive & you can see the progress in the development branch of this repository. You can join Discord server of Harmonoid with above button, to get an early look at upcoming features and provide feedback or you may just talk to us about anything you want & chill. Thanks a lot for your love 💜!

From alexmercerind & contributors

🎵 Experience

Browse Offline Listen Offline
browse_offline listen_offline

The app is meant to be used in such a way, that you download your favorite music offline & listen it whenever without internet connection.

🏂 Motion

These GIFs are only 25 FPS 😟. Please wait for the GIFs to load, if they appear choppy to you.


✅ Features

Beautiful looking, yet full of unique features.

👌 Progress

🎉 Contributions

You can help me by providing translations for the app in your language & see the app running in your native language.

For that purpose, you can checkout this file on the repository, you can translate this, even if you have little to no knowledge of Dart.

Translation Credits
Language Provider
Russian @raitonoberu
Slovenian @mytja
Portuguese @bdlukaa
Hindi @alexmercerind
German @MickLesk



For pre-release v0.0.3